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Map of Washington's Cascades

The town and road map of Washington's Cascades will help you locate cities, towns, attractions and points of interest.

Nearby Cities and Towns
Black Diamond, 29 miles
Crystal Mountain, 21 miles
Enumclaw, 21 miles
Wabash, 27 miles
Wilkeson, 29 miles

Cities and Towns of the Washington Cascades

Nisqually Valley
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Washington's Cascades

More Cascades
North Cascades
Central Cascades
South Cascades

Mountain Passes
Blewett Pass, 88 miles
Snoqualmie Pass, 49 miles
Stevens Pass, 130 miles
White Pass, 94 miles

Mountain Pass Road Reports

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Map  Northwest
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Cascade Mountains Travel Region

Greenwater, Washington

Greenwater, Washington is a small logging community at the western edge of Mt. Rainier National Park and Snoqualmie National Forest, in The Cascades. The water in the two rivers that surround the town and in nearby Lonesome Lake really does look green. Nearby wilderness areas include Glacier View, Tatoosh, Clearwater and Norse Peak. Wild elk roam these lands and have been photographed in Greenwater back yards. Located 21 miles east of Enumclaw along Chinook Pass Highway 410, Greenwater is the jumping off place for a myriad of outdoor recreation opportunities.

Primarily populated because of its closeness to Mt. Rainier, the Greenwater area is served largely by Forest Service Roads (FS RD). This is definitely a mountain village. You can only see the building you are next to. Otherwise, the view is all pine trees and the soaring peaks of snowcapped mountains.

Back-roading and off-roading in 4x4 vehicles are popular pastimes in Greenwater and the vicinity. The Natchez Trail is up FS RD 70. Contact the Forest Service for road conditions at 206-470-4060.

Lonesome Lake near Greenwater, WA is great for swimming and boating in summer. A canoe jousting competition is held the third Saturday of August. Competitors try to knock each other into the water with their oars while precariously standing in their canoes. Canoe races for men, women and beer drinkers are held as well. There is a barbeque and a general party atmosphere. Forest Service rangers patrol the event. The lake is 15 miles off-road past FS RD 7500.

In winter, people take their snow Ski Doos and snowmobiles up and down Ski Doo Summit in Greenwater, WA. This is a non-lift ski run that is about a half mile long. It is very steep in places, and gets covered in powder. Going up Ski Doo Summit is often more challenging than coming down!

Of course, Crystal Mountain Resort is available if you enjoy world class skiing and snowboarding with lifts. The resort is open in summer as well.

Year round, riders take their motorcycles, dirt bikes and mountain bicycles for trail rides. When there is ice or snow you need spiked tires. There are lots of dirtbike and mountain bike trails along Huckleberry Creek off FS Road 7320, as well as places for camping.

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