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Richmond, BC

The city of Richmond is a teeming city of more than 160,000 people. Established as a district municipality in 1879, it is believed to have been named for one of its first commercial residents, Richmond Farm. Much of city's land mass consists of river delta that is rich in alluvial soil and offers ideal farming conditions. As a result, Richmond's first residents were primarily farmers who saw a profit in plant and berry production.

Over the years however, Richmond has become known for its multicultural atmosphere as much as its suburban proximity to British Columbia's largest city, Vancouver. Immigrants from all over the world have made Richmond their home, creating a vibrant multi-ethnic melding of traditions and cultures from more than three continents. It is famous for its numerous Asian-style malls, fusion Asian cuisine and "tooney stores" of Japanese and Chinese ethnic imports (the $2 equivalent of the American "dollar store"). The city is also home to a small fishing industry in the historic town of Steveston. Quaint shops and restaurants overlook the Fraser River, offering a comfortable setting for an evening meal or a sunset stroll.

Richmond is spread across 17 small islands and includes the Vancouver International Airport, approximately 40 minutes southwest of downtown Vancouver. Located at the mouth of the Fraser River, one of North America's largest river systems, Richmond is surrounded by dykes that protect it from winter flooding. The dykes provide an enjoyable environment for walks and wild life viewing. Richmond's flat terrain is made for strolling and cycling and several excellent parks, trails and nature areas abound throughout the city.

Accommodations range from richly appointed suites to inexpensive hotels and motels, many of which are located within walking distance of malls, restaurants and local attractions.

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