San Juan Islands Whale Watching
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Listed below are links to a variety of websites providing information devoted to whales and whale watching. Browse through to find information from researchers, scientists, and communities, regarding whales, marine life, migration patterns, marine sanctuaries, and festivals dedicated to whales.

For information about whale watching charters and outfitters, please go to our San Juan Islands whale watching page.

Coastal Research Foundation (CERF). Allison Harbour, PO Box 124, Port Hardy, BC V0N 2P0. Phone: 604-202-9350; Toll-free: 1-877-223-2373; Fax: 815-327-0183. E-mail

CERF is a Canadian non-profit organization that funds research on whales, dolphins, and their environment through an eco-tourism program. Here you will find information on the whale research trips we offer, as well as on our research programs. You will also find some general whale & dolphin information.

Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary. 138 West First Street, Port Angeles WA 98362. Phone: 360-457-6622.

Covers 3,310-square miles of marine waters off the Olympic Peninsula coastline and provides habitat for one of the most diverse marine mammal faunas in North America and a critical link in the Pacific flyway. The sanctuary boasts a rich mix of cultures, preserved in contemporary lives of members of Quinault, Hoh, Quileute, and Makah tribes.

Pacific Orca Society, British Columbia

Pacific Rim Whale Festival. PO Box 995, Ucluelet, BC V0R 3A0. Phone: 250-726-7798; Fax: 250-726-2688. E-mail

The Virtual Whale Project
3D Animation and sound environment for the visualization of the feeding behaviors of Pacific Humpback Whales.

The Whale Museum. The Whale Museum. 62 First Street North, PO Box 945, Friday Harbor, San Juan Island, WA 98250. Toll-free: 1-800-946-7227.

Whale Net
An interactive educational project sponsored (whale, seal, dolphin, porpoise and turtle data) by Wheelock College in Boston, Massachusetts with support from the National Science Foundation.

Whales on the Net
Join us on a wonderful journey into the world of Cetaceans, those mysterious animals that spend their entire lives in water. Dive down to the greatest depths and discover the Blue whale, the Right whale, Sperm, Humpback, Sei, Gray, Bowhead, Fin, Minke, Orca, Dolphins and more. Pick your favorite whale or dolphin and find out what it is doing, what it looks like and where it lives.

Whalesong - An odyssey of sight, sound, and science by Ken McCann

"Whale Watching Spoken Here"
A volunteer whale watching program during peak gray whale migration times coinciding with winter and spring breaks. Trained volunteers stationed at twenty-nine locations on or near the Oregon Coast provide information and assist spotting whales.

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