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Southeast Washington Travel Region
Pasco, Washington

The City of Pasco overlooks the Columbia River in Washington's burgeoning Tri-City area. A former railway town and agricultural hub for Southeast Washington, Pasco still possesses some evidence of its early agricultural roots.

An increasing number of wine producers are gravitating to the Pasco area, where warm, dry weather and mild winters provide the ideal climate for Washington's expanding wine industry. Not surprising, wine festivals are becoming a Tri-City tradition and are an easy stop for regional wine tours. Nearby appellations in the Walla Walla Valley and Yakima Valley are also within easy reach from the Pasco area.

Pasco is also known for its coincidental link with Lewis and Clark history. Sacagawea State Park, approximately five miles south of Pasco off Highway 12, marks a spot where the expedition camped at the confluence of the Snake and Columbia Rivers. An interpretive center is open to the public and the park affords a good view of the two rivers.

The city's flat, sagebrush desert setting makes it an ideal vacation destination. There are more than eight different golf courses spread throughout the Tri-City area and seasonal festivals and events at Columbia Park (across from Pasco, in Kennewick) offer year-round enjoyment for family vacations. The Washington State Railroad Society's museum, next to the Burlington Northern Railway depot on Tacoma Avenue, provides an interesting glimpse into Pasco's early history. The Tri-City area is also close to the Columbia River Gorge, which is known for windsailing, camping and hiking opportunities.

There is a wide range of accommodations throughout the Tri-City area and most neighborhoods are located close to major shopping areas. Fine dining, fast food restaurants and espresso stops are salted throughout the Tri-City area and are within easy reach from most hotels, inns, camping and RV parks.

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