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Mount Hood, Oregon

Photo by www.oregonscenics.comElevation
11,245 feet (3,426 meters)
Mount Hood is Oregon's highest peak, and the fourth highest peak in the Cascades.

Mt Hood is perhaps the most accessible of Oregon's volcanoes, located only 75 kilometers east-southeast of Portland.

Getting to Mount Hood - Road
The southern flank of the volcano can be approached on Highway 26, or the eastside can be approached via Highway 35. Numerous paved or graded roads provide further access.

A hiking trail encircles the volcano, much of which is protected within the Mount Hood Wilderness, part of the Mount Hood National Forest. In summer, Mount Hood's forest is a haven for backpackers. In winter and spring the volcano's slopes host several downhill ski runs and cross-country tracks.

Description of the volcano
Mount Hood has a long history of eruptions and remains a potential hazard. The last episode ended shortly before the arrival of Lewis and Clark in 1805. The largest concentration of population near Mount Hood is situated along the floors of the Zigzag and Sandy river valleys. When Mount Hood erupts again, it will severely affect areas on its flanks and these valley floors will be endangered by any floods and mudflows on the west and south slopes of Mount Hood. Volcanic ash may fall on areas up to several hundred kilometers downwind.

There have been felt earthquakes averaging every two years, and since 1990, Mount Hood has been the site of about 15 earthquake swarms, including one in January 1999!

A small remnant of the Ice Age covers about 80 percent of the cone in the form of twelve glaciers and permanent snowfields above the 2,100-meter level. Glacial-outburst floods have occurred regularly since the 1920s.

After a British admiral, by Lieutenant Broughton, the leader of a party sent up the Columbia River in October 1792 from Captain George Vancouver's expedition.

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