Cascade Mountains Travel Region

Randle, Washington

Randle, WA is a small town located at elevation 896 feet near the intersection of US-12 and highway 131, 48 miles east of I-5. It is on the outskirts of Gifford Pinchot National Forest, between the snow capped peaks of Mt. Rainier and Mt. St. Helens. Towering moss covered trees surround Randle, WA, and it rests beside a gorgeous waterfall in the Cowlitz River. This unincorporated community named after its first settler, James L Randle, is known for many small town attributes.

Tourists come through Randle on their way to Mt. Rainier, Mt. St. Helens, the White Pass ski area and other Cascade Mountain attractions. Many stay in Randle for the camping, fishing, hiking, and hunting. The area has grocery stores, gas stations and other traveler's amenities including 4 RV parks and several motels. However, there are no traffic signals and there is very little noise or pollution. Once travelers get off the highway, if they want to they can very quickly immerse themselves in the wilderness.

Randle hunters get elk, deer, bears, cougars and turkeys. Favorite areas to hunt are Huffaker Mountain, Kiona Creek, and Kosmos at Riffe Lake. Check local regulations for when rifles can be used and when the bow hunters take over.

Cascade Peaks Resort in Randle has a famous cable swing. Kids get on a seat at the end of a rope that is attached to a cable with a pulley. They glide 50 feet down the cable, sitting on the seat like James Bond.

Randle is famous for its mud. Seriously. People go off-roading in Randle and video their 4x4 vehicles being towed out of 3 foot deep mud. It is a Youtube trend. Two permanent mud holes lurk near Blue Lake, so be careful.

The private small plane airport (WN55) in Randle has an extremely short runway (2400 feet). Locals like to have friends video them landing here, because the short runway makes landing very challenging.

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