Blake Island, Washington

Blake Island's attractions include a tranquil setting and a most relaxing potential for "getting away from it all" amongst delightful day-use areas, ample campgrounds and inviting beaches with eye-popping scenic vistas on just about every side of the island.

Mt. Rainer, the Olympic Peninsula and the Seattle skyline are easily seen from the island, which offers the perfect setting for picnics and group outings.

Camping and day use areas feature two picnic shelters with fire pit, barbeque grills in day-use areas, camping areas hosting 51 tent sites, Cascadia Marine Trail camp sites reserved for canoeists and kayakers, and primitive sites on the west side of the island.

Wetlands and tidelands comprise a protected underwater park that is only one of several ecological attractions on the island.

Blake Island's herd of Black-tailed Deer is believed to be the offspring of animals that had swum over from Bainbridge Island during a hunting season several decades earlier and now make the island its home.

The local entertainment venue, Tillicum Village provides a variety of cultural and historical attractions on Blake Island, including Northwest Native Indian dancing, dinner and tours. See our page on Tillicum Village for further information.

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