Buffalo, Wyoming


Art and Art Galleries

Angie's Glass Art. 497 Rock Creek Road, Buffalo, WY 82834. Phone: 307-217-0569. E-mail

Crazy Woman Fine Art. 5 N. Lobban, Buffalo, WY 82834. Phone: 307-217-1322.

D. Michael Thomas. 329 Highway 16 E, Buffalo, WY 82834. Phone: 307-684-2347. E-mail

Hitching Post Gallery. 51 S. Main Street, Buffalo, WY 82834. Phone: 307-684-9473. E-mail

Margo's Pottery and Fine Crafts. 1 N. Main, Buffalo, WY 82834. Phone: 307-684-9406; Toll-free: 1-877-825-4354. E-mail

Potters' Depot. 75 E. Benteen Street, Buffalo, WY 82834. Phone: 307-684-4555. E-mail

TIF Photography by Dave Stoetzel. Phone: 307-620-1716. E-mail

Wild Wyoming Images. 20 N. Tisdale Avenue, Buffalo, WY 82834. Phone: 307-684-8918; Cell: 307-217-0056. E-mail

William Hugh Jennings Wildlife Art Bronze Sculptures. 331 South Burritt Avenue, Buffalo, WY 82834. Phone: 307-684-9473. E-mail

Historic Sites

Bozeman Trail. The Bozeman Trail began as a gold-rush trail--a shortcut from the main trail on the North Platte River to the gold fields of Montana.

Fort Phil Kearny State Historic Site. 528 Wagon Box Road, Banner, WY 82832. Phone: 307-684-7629.

Fort Phil Kearny State Historic Site is a National Historic Landmark including the Fort, the Fetterman and Wagon Box Battles and the John "Portugee" Phillips Monument.

Historic Main Street Walking Tour
A brochure at the Chamber of Commerce has all the tales.

Outlaw Cave
The hideout area of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Outlaw Cave is a prehistoric rock shelter and Indian Pictographs are to be found a short distance further along the trail. The Middle Fork of the Powder River is also viewed along this route as well as beautiful panoramas of the red mountain walls, the canyon at the Middle Fork of the Powder River and the Dull Knife Battlefield.


The Buffalo Theater. 235 S. Main Street, Buffalo, WY 82834. Phone: 307-684-9950.

Museums and Exhibits

Jim Gatchell Memorial Museum. 100 Fort Street, Buffalo, WY 82834. Phone: 307-684-9331.

National Forest

Bighorn National Forest. Ranger Station: 1425 Fort Street, Buffalo, WY 82834. Phone: 307-684-1100.

Located in north-central Wyoming, the Bighorn Mountains are a sister range of the Rocky Mountains. Located half-way between Mt. Rushmore and Yellowstone National Park the Forest has 32 campgrounds, 14 picnic areas, 2 visitor centers, 2 ski areas, 7 lodges, 2 recreation lakes, 3 Scenic Byways and over 1,500 miles (2419 Km) of trails.

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Wyoming Tales and Trails
This site is devoted almost exclusively to the history of Wyoming as told through photographs.

Scenic Byway

Cloud Peak Scenic Skyway
Length: 47.0 mi / 75.6 km; Time to allow: 2 hours.
The 64-mile paved drive, travels through the southern section of the Big Horn National Forest on US Route 16 from Buffalo over Powder River Pass, down the Ten Sleep Canyon and on to the communities of Ten Sleep and Worland.

Scenic Sites

Dry Creek Petrified Trees. 13 miles east of Buffalo.

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