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Map of West Seattle

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This is one of a series of pages guiding you around Seattle's viewpoints. Click map or the left hand column for more information on each viewpont.

Map of West Seattle Viewpoints

The Views
Jutting out into Puget Sound, on the opposite side of Elliott Bay from downtown, West Seattle offers views in all directions. Great viewpoints are to be found both on the edge of the peninsula at water level, and on the ridge above. A chain of public access spaces skirt West Seattle along the water's edge, stretching from Terminal 5 to Emma Schmitz overlook and beyond. With Alki Beach Park as their centerpiece, these make West Seattle a popular outdoor destination in summer.

From downtown, bus routes 56 and 37 are a good way to access these viewpoints. Although it has an irregular timetable, route 37 is a great way to take a "self-guided" tour of West Seattle's scenic waterfront.

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