Seattle Viewpoints
Don Armeni
Boat Ramp & Viewpoint

1228 Harbor Avenue SW, on the waterfront of West Seattle.

See this map showing Don Armeni Viewpoint in relation to other West Seattle viewpoints and bus routes.


Getting there by car
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Getting there by bus
From downtown, via bus number 37 (Alki, Admiral District).
Board the southbound bus at the corner of 2nd Avenue and Pike Street.
(Enjoy the view from West Seattle Bridge as you cross it on the bus. Unfortunately no pedestrian traffic is allowed on the bridge.)
Alight from the bus on Harbor Avenue SW near SW Maryland Street, just past Salty's Restaurant.
It is about a 21-minute ride one way.
(Note: Bus number 37 unfortunately has a confusing and irregular timetable. If you do not intend to alight in West Seattle, bus number 37 makes a terrific round drive for taking in the views of West Seattle. If you do alight in West Seattle, it is probably best to plan your return trip via bus number 56, or the Elliott Bay Water Taxi which leaves from Seacrest Park..)
You will see the viewpoint with its "can't-miss" views of Puget Sound on Harbor Avenue.

From downtown, via bus number 56 (Alki Beach).
Board the southbound bus at the corner of 1st Avenue and Pike Street.
(Enjoy the view from West Seattle Bridge as you cross it on the bus. Unfortunately no pedestrian traffic is allowed on the bridge.)
Alight from the bus at its last stop at the corner of 61st Avenue SW and Alki Avenue. It is about a 20- to 30-minute ride each way, depending on whether you catch an express bus.
A 25-minute walk eastwards along Alki Beach Park will bring you to the Don Armeni Viewpoint which is adjacent to the Luna Park Seawall. Along the way you will see various eateries and public restrooms.

Notes and tips
The Don Armeni Viewpoint is part of the a chain of public access spaces that skirt West Seattle's peninsular along the water's edge. The largest of these is Alki Beach Park to the southwest. They are linked by popular walking and bicycle/ roller blading tracks. More spaces to the east that provide public access to the beach include Seacrest Park and Terminal 5 Shoreline.

A lot of interesting activity takes place at this site which features two boat ramps, and is also frequented by divers. It is a great spot to watch the boat traffic going to and from downtown Seattle, and the Port of Seattle. On a sunny weekend, there will also be plenty of people-watching to be had, as visitors and locals enjoy the outdoors. Benches and picnic tables are provided, however for other facilities, go to park areas on either side of this site.

In the early 1950's, Don Armeni Boat Ramp began as a graded street end of Maryland Street at the request of citizens interested in recreational fishing. In 1955 the ramp was named in honor of a Deputy Sheriff killed in the line of duty. Besides being an avid fisherman, Don Armeni was active in the Boys Club, March of Dimes, athletic unions, Junior Olympics and made appearances on children's television shows. Facilities were most recently remodeled and expanded in 1984.

The Views
Located on the tip of Duwamish Head, the Don Armeni Viewpoint offers sweeping 280 views across Puget Sound. From Bainbridge Island and the Olympic Mountains to the west, across Elliot Bay towards downtown Seattle to the east.

The following photos were taken mid-morning on a sunny day in early May. Click on photo for full-size image.

Seattle viewpoints - Don Armeni Boat Launch
Looking past the boat launch towards downtown Seattle (46kb).

Seattle viewpoints - Don Armeni Boat Ramp
Looking north over Elliot Bay towards the Space Needle (27kb).

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