Yellowstone National Park
Old Faithful Inn

Like many structures at Yellowstone National Park, most of the buildings erected at the Old Faithful site tell a history of their own about the development of America's first park.

The Old Faithful Inn, which lies adjacent to the famous geyser, was erected in 1904 by architect Robert C. Reamer. Reamer, who later became known for his dramatically-stylized Northwest architecture, is said to have designed the inn with Nature in mind - but not as we might have thought of it today.

Its sweeping interior, with its rustic decor that rises almost 100 feet in height, reflects the magnificence and stirring images that early visitors equated with Yellowstone Park. The stratified lava fireplace was constructed from rhyolite that was quarried nearby. Enormous lodgepole pine beams, exposed to the naked eye, gave structure to the enormous, cathedral-like ambiance, much the way Yellowstone's towering forests provided a ceiling to its natural wonders. Yellowstone's newest guest quarters Reamer said, should be "in keeping with the place where it stands". "To be at discord with the landscape would be almost a crime. To try to improve upon it would be an impertinence."

Old Faithful Lodge was built in 1917 to replace the popular tent camps that populated the park until that date. The advent of American auto trips brought an increase of visitors to Yellowstone and a demand for more sturdy accommodations. The cabin-style lodging includes a cafeteria and gift shop.

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