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Geocaching for Adventure

Geocaching involves a handheld GPS unit and the search for hidden caches. You may wonder why do people get hooked on geocaching. Why might you want to give geocaching a go?

Think of the geocaching community as thousands of friends, with local knowledge of their cities and scenic locations. These new friends of yours have hidden caches for you as a way to entice you to venture out and find the hidden vistas in their cities and regions.

Heading to the Oregon coast? Your geocaching friends have marked for you the coordinates of gardens, lighthouses, and scenic vistas. Grab your GPS and they will guide you to these sights. Planning a trip to San Juan Island, your geocaching friends have marked sights for your enjoyment. Venturing out to Mt. Rainier or perhaps Glacier Park, again your GPS can lead you to scenic vistas, raging rivers, forts and flowers.

With the rating system for terrain and difficulty of the hide, you can evaluate beforehand which caches you will look for, based on how strenuous a hike you want to take on.

One of the keys or points of etiquette that all Geocachers follow is the respect for private property. Caches are not to be placed in spots that would require one to trespass in order to find the cache.

In one sense geocaching is like having a personal guide with local knowledge going with you on your vacation.

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